Design Concepts

Design Concepts that you can take note of when designing larger spaces.

Tips for designing larger spaces:

  •  When creating your design concept for a larger space establish the preferred style, color schemes, and finishes.  Then apply the other elements and principles of design (line, texture, form, balance, repetition, contrast).  This will create unique spaces that will complement your personality.
  • Create a focal point of interest that will attract attention, be it an area rug, accent chandelier, or a unique accent detail.  In fact, these can transform a room from boring to concepts
  • Emphasize space by creating a neutral shell.  Then add accent colored walls and keep window treatments like draperies, sheers, and blinds in the same light complementing colors.  Space is precious so avoid overcrowding the room with unnecessary furnishings and accessories.Design Concepts
  • Use larger artifacts like vases, pots, accessories.  But keep them to a minimum.
  • Create ambiance with efficient and effective use of lighting, color, and texture.
  • Proportion sofas, chaises, accent chairs and table to the large space.  Cute and petite furniture will appear even smaller unless used as accent pieces.
  • Large artwork can be used to “color” and create style and ambiance

Use large accent pillows on well-proportioned sofas

  • Using 20″ x 20″ or larger pillows with the accent colors and prints will create a luxurious feel within the large space.

Design concepts

  • Create balance and cozy ambiance in an eclectic style by mixing antique pieces with more contemporary soft furnishings.
  • Do not use too many details, textures, prints within the same space.  In fact, too many details are distracting.
  • Do not overdress windows and side doors.  Frame them well with neutral and flowing curtains to soften and highlight.

deisgn concepts

  • Avoid harsh accent lighting over sitting rooms.  Soft, ambient lighting is more appropriate.  Chandeliers, and droplights make dining rooms feel special.

Design Concepts for smaller spaces coming soon….

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