3 Best Kitchen Sink Window Treatments

Do you dream of jaw-dropping kitchen sink window treatments but feel overwhelmed by all of the possibilities? The window treatments over a kitchen sink are one of the most important to get right in a home because they highlight a highly visible, frequently used space. Making the most of this high-profile window is easy with our simplified process.

3 Bad Situations Window Treatments Prevent

  Though most of our clients are furnishing new homes, every so often we get called in to fix bad situations. Fortunately (or unfortunately), these situations were easily preventable — if only someone had shared the right advice early on! To help you avoid making the same simple mistakes, here are a few cautionary tales… […]

Treatments for Specialty Window Shapes

The Best Treatments for Your Arched, Triangle, and Oddly Shaped Windows   Whether you’ve moved into a new home or just built one yourself, chances are high that you have some specialty windows on your hands.   A specialty window is any window that doesn’t have a standard square or rectangular shape. Arched and triangle-topped […]

Dallas / Fort Worth Communities

Most Safe and Beautiful Cities for Settling Down and Retiring It’s no secret that the Dallas / Fort Worth area has been experiencing a building boom in the last few years. Folks are moving here from all over the country to enjoy our community feel, great weather (no Midwest winters here!), and beautiful parks and […]