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Solar Shades
Like Sunglasses for your Windows

Solar Shades Office

Why choose Solar shades?

Today’s homes are full of windows, which is a beautiful thing! However, as anyone who has lived in Dallas / Fort Worth with lots of windows can attest, along with all of that glass comes high temperatures, and fading of furniture, floors, and accessories. Solar shades are a great solution to this problem, allowing the best that windows have to offer while controlling glare, heat and UV rays.

Solar Shades act like sunglasses for your windows, making them an excellent solution for minimizing glare from the sun while controlling indoor temperature. Available in different openness factors, these shades gently diffuse natural sunlight, block harmful UV rays that can damage your furniture and keep rooms cooler. The streamlined yet straightforward appearance of solar shades complements any décor or style.

Block the sun, not the view

Light is powerful. That’s why it doesn’t take much openness in solar fabrics to provide great view-through. Solar shade fabrics transparency levels between 3% and 10% offer view-through in combination with excellent levels of solar performance.  They are designed to control light without eliminating it. Sreen shade fabrics reduce glare while allowing excellent views to the outside. 

Solar roller shades are also perfect for patio settings! They keep that gorgeous view while blocking the intense heat we have in Dallas / Fort Worth. Our exterior shades resist mildew, corrosion, and are even flame-retardant. They stand up to our Texas weather, making them a perfect choice for the south- and west-facing windows.

Solar Shade Features:

  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Minimizes glare on TV’s and computer monitors
  • Wide variety of state-of-the-art textures and fabrics
  • Maintains excellent outward visibility when lowered
  • Excellent choice for commercial applications, such as office buildings, restaurants, and schools
  • Available in exterior solar shades to protect from UV rays and heat, while adding privacy
  • Motorization for convenience raises and lowers the shades at the touch of a button

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