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We help those buying or building new homes in the Denton, North Dallas / Fort Worth area complete their homes with the best custom window coverings.  Our collections are for the selective homeowner seeking a high-quality and unique experience.  Our advantage is that we bring the showroom to you!

Made in the Shade (Adjective):  In a condition characterized by comfort, success, easy living or general well-being.

When I built my own home, I had a vision.  With a background in fashion, I wanted jaw-droppingly beautiful, high-quality window treatments that complemented the colors of my floors and walls.

Unfortunately for me, it didn’t work out that way.

The products out there were not the quality I was expecting, and I just wasn’t getting the effect I desired.

Therefore, my lifelong fashion and design obsession coupled with my entrepreneurial spirit decided my fate, and made in the Shade Blinds North DFW was born.

Made in the Shade is the only window covering provider that stands by a five-point value system:  quality, customization, service, warranty and price.  Not only do we provide blinds, shades, shutters and draperies but we will also personally help you choose the perfect area rugs, accessories and paint colors.  In addition to working with my own clients, we work with home stagers, realtors and homebuilders to bring even more value to their clients.

There is nothing I love more than a great challenge.  Whether it’s a lighting issue or an odd-shaped window, we love finding the solution.  Most homeowners think they have a difficult issue only to find out that it’s really easy to solve once we get there.

In addition to working in the fashion industry, my career took many twists and turns into account management, business development and construction.  All of which taught me the skills and talents that are the perfect fit for Made in the Shade.

Our real expertise, though, is in listening.  We listen to exactly what our clients want and need, and we narrow down the choices for them.  There are so many window treatments options to choose from it can be daunting for homeowners.  My ability to listen to clients’ needs and wants then narrow down the selection to exactly what they are looking for makes the process easy.

If you’re looking for great service and quality products, and the very best value, then absolutely, Made in the Shade is for you.

Some fun facts about our family

Smith Family - Custom Window Treatments - Double Oak

You will primarily work with me and my professional installers, but you may encounter my husband, Wayne. Wayne is passionate about his career in counseling, but his real love is ferroequinology, or the study of trains. Unless you have a ton of free time, please do not bring up the trains’ topic. You will be talking for hours. Wayne is very supportive of me and will do anything to help. Wayne, most importantly, keeps me caffeinated as the designated coffee and tea preparer for the office.

Garrett is a fun kid with a quirky sense of humor and is determined to change the world. Also, he’s my go-to person for everything techy or social media-related. Would someone please tap Garrett on the shoulder and get him off that video game? I need to talk to him, please. Thank you!!

Ella is our little Havanese. She will do just about anything for pepperoni, Chick-fil-A, or Vienna sausages. You never have to call her twice for dinner either. We recently got Zimry, our new Cavanese puppy. There is a fascinating story behind her name, and you will have to ask me about that! Her nickname is Sassy Pants. You would understand why we affectionately gave her that nickname if you knew her.

The window coverings industry is vast and can be confusing. Specifically, I encourage every homeowner to make their homes their own, unique, and brilliantly beautiful, made in the shade!

Say “yes” bring me the showroom! Schedule an in-home appointment today. Meanwhile, please browse our site for ideas on blinds, shadesshutters, and more.

All the Best,

Lana Smith




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