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Aluminum Blinds
A classic look with contemporary elegance

Why choose aluminum blinds?

Aluminum blinds, or “mini-blinds,” consist of lightweight aluminum slats.  These slats range in sizes from 1/2″ to 2″ to customize your view. Due to these thin slats, they create a sleek design.

Aluminum blinds are slick, agile, modern, and designed for those on the move.  In fact, they offer a practical solution for heavy-duty function.
Our blinds are uniquely modern, vintage and industrial-pro all at once.  Due to their unique look, they add a metallic vibe to a kitchen or man-cave. They are perfect for hard-working spaces like mud or laundry rooms, over prep-sinks or soaking tubs. So, splash away!  A simple twist of the wrist opens or closes the view. Choose from a rainbow of colors.  So simple and colorful, voila, you have an instant design on a dime.

Continue to customize your view with our wide selection of colors and styles.  With all of these options available, another reason they are suitable for almost any room décor.

Breathe life into your room while achieving maximum privacy and light control.  Our color palettes are for modern lifestyles and tastes.   Therefore choose from cool tones or vibrant color choices.

Schedule a complimentary in-home consultation to have us bring the showroom to your home!

Aluminum Blind Features:

  • Lightweight and highly durable – so you can put them in hard-working spaces
  • Need minimum maintenance – makes them easy to care for
  • Ability to control the amount of light entering a room – great for bedrooms
  • Provide adequate privacy for a bedroom – great for any room needing privacy
  • Easy to clean; resistant to moisture – can work great in bathrooms
  • Timeless, classic look – design options are endless
  • Great for functionality and affordability – new design on a dime
  • Perfect for residential and commercial settings (business offices, schools, apartments)
  • Available with motorization for added safety and convenience

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