2018 Home Style Series: The Top Window Treatments & Design Tips for Achieving a Modern Look

The Top Window Treatments & Design Tips for Achieving a Modern Look Modern-inspired design made a big appearance in Dallas/Fort Worth homes throughout 2017, and it has no plans to disappear in 2018. Of course, window treatments play a large role in creating any style, so we’ve truly seen it all! We’re using this segment […]

Simple Checklist to the Perfect New Window Treatments by Room

So, you’re ready to buy new window treatments!  Choose treatments that fit your home and your needs. When new home buyers ask me about window covering options, I tell them your window treatments should be beautiful and enhance the appearance of the room.  They also need to give you the right lighting and privacy.  That is why it’s important to give each room consideration […]

Real Estate & Home Guide: Right-sizing, versus downsizing

Safety should be on top-of-mind when right-sizing your home, and one way to make sure a home is safer is to install motorized blinds, which can be drawn and raised with the flip of a switch. These window treatments ensure that older adults won’t have to risk falling while crossing a dimly-lit room. As people become empty nesters or […]

Designing Small Spaces

Designing small spaces can be more personal and interesting than large spaces.  A large space requires more attention in terms of planning, and accessorizing.  Large spaces accommodate more users so vignettes must be created to allow efficient use of the whole space. A good design satisfies your space requirements.  Here are some suggestions to keep in mind when […]

Design Concepts

Design Concepts that you can take note of when designing larger spaces. Tips for designing larger spaces:  When creating your design concept for a larger space establish the preferred style, color schemes, and finishes.  Then apply the other elements and principles of design (line, texture, form, balance, repetition, contrast).  This will create unique spaces that will complement […]