What are the Best Window Treatments for Your Breakfast Nook?

Window Treatments

There’s something special about curling up in a nook with a knit blanket, a morning cup of hot tea or cocoa, and a great view!

Add some cold weather to the outdoors, and you’ve got yourself a comfy-cozy paradise.

Whether your breakfast nook is perfect for two or spacious enough for the family, you can create a lovely, calming space…

…and window treatments play a large part in that!

You’ll want window treatments that perfectly balance keeping the cold out but letting the natural morning light in.

So here are my top picks for window treatments that will do just that in your home. Enjoy and feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


Top 5 Best Window Treatments for Your Breakfast Nook


  1. Solar Shades



Solar shades are my top picks for nooks, because they truly offer the best of all worlds:

  • Energy efficiency, so your HVAC (and wallet) isn’t working overtime
  • Light control that lets you block harsh rays but still enjoy the morning sun (think of solar shades as sunglasses!)
  • Visibility of the outdoors even when the shades are lowered

The perfect ambiance.

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  1. Shutters & Wood Blinds



Shutters and wood blinds (real or faux) are almost as perfect for a nook as solar shades. Plus, the aesthetic is completely different, with the more natural, classic look of wood.

These treatments’ louvers/vanes let you control the light however you’d like, and they’re both great insulators for your home.

The only drawback? Unless you have them angled just right, you won’t be able to see to the outdoors. Most homeowners don’t find this to be a huge problem, though.


  1. Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are another great option for nooks. They’re one of the best insulators, so you won’t have to worry about cold air sneaking into your home while you’re asleep.

Cellular shades let some light through, but not as much as solar shades, and you definitely can’t see the outdoors through them. However, these shades stack tightly at the top of your window, so you can certainly enjoy the view that way!


  1. Sheer Shades

Sheer shades are my go-to pick whenever a client wants maximum visibility to the outdoors, light control indoors, AND privacy.

The vanes can be operated to maximize light, but the fabric between the vanes softens it. The result is an ethereal glow that feels so soothing. Perfect for a nook!

The only drawback is that sheer shades aren’t the best insulators.


  1. Roman Shades



Roman shades add an elegant and timeless look to your nook. Like cellular shades, they let enough light through to brighten your space, but they don’t allow view-through to the outside.

There’s no denying it though… they are beautiful.

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Two Window Treatments You DON’T Want in Your Breakfast Nook


  1. Draperies

Because nooks tend to be small, adding heavy drapery can make it feel even smaller. I personally LOVE the cozy-luxe feeling that soft window treatments add to a room, but… unless your nook is spacious, it probably isn’t the best place for them.

  1. Aluminum Blinds


Although aluminum blinds can offer maximum privacy, light control, and are great for humid spaces (like bathrooms), they aren’t great for nooks. Why?

Because aluminum can add a “colder” vibe to a room. While this coolness feels refreshing in the summertime, it’s not great for creating that nook-specific coziness.

There you have it! The perfect recipe for a nook — based on what you want and need most in your space. I hope this was helpful and that you’re now feeling inspired to cozy-up your nook just in time for winter!

Have any questions? Need advice? We’re happy to serve you with our care and expertise: 940-600-1321.

Stay warm & happy holidays!


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