Designing Small Spaces

Designing small spaces can be more personal and interesting than large spaces.  A large space requires more attention in terms of planning, and accessorizing.  Large spaces accommodate more users so vignettes must be created to allow efficient use of the whole space. A good design satisfies your space requirements.  Here are some suggestions to keep in mind when […]

Design Concepts

Design Concepts that you can take note of when designing larger spaces. Tips for designing larger spaces:  When creating your design concept for a larger space establish the preferred style, color schemes, and finishes.  Then apply the other elements and principles of design (line, texture, form, balance, repetition, contrast).  This will create unique spaces that will complement […]

How to Make Old Windows More Energy Efficient

Energy efficient window coverings are necessary for homes with old windows.  There are plenty of reasons to want to make not just your windows, but your entire home, more efficient.  It can help you save money and make your home more comfortable. New technology has been introduced in recent years to boost the efficiency of your home, but what about those old windows?  Replacing […]

Made in the Shade Blinds & More: Exterior Patio Shades and more ideas to keep your cool this summer inside and outside your home

Exterior patio solar shades and more ideas to keep your cool this summer inside and outside your home. We still have much hot weather left this summer.  However, for a lot of homeowners summer means their energy bills kick into overdrive as they spend all their energy cooling their houses. Here are a few things you can […]

4 Reasons to Replace Old Window Treatments NOW

We all enjoy summer for its relaxing days and the prospect of unlimited fun.  Believe it or not,  summertime is the best time to replace old window treatments.  The reasons might surprise you, so read on to find out why and benefit from helpful shopping tips. The need to replace old window treatments is more obvious in the bright light […]