6 Pros & Cons You’ll Face when Decorating a New Home

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Window Draperies North DFWWhether you’re downsizing, looking for a quiet community away from busy Dallas, or are simply moving to a new state, deciding to build or buy a new home is a big decision. Here are a few pros and cons that we see all the time here at North Dallas / Fort Worth’s Made in the Shade Blinds & More.


  • You can create a custom floor plan & interior design

If you’re working with a builder who gives you the ability to personalize spaces throughout the entire home, this means you can design it specifically for your needs, lifestyle, and taste.

To do so, bring your interior designer and/or window treatment professional into the conversation early. Instead of getting a home with potentially awkward window shapes, you can work together to create spaces specifically for the dream décor that will transform your finished home.

Down the road, this strategy will also save you time, money, and — if your dream designs would have been otherwise incompatible — potential heartache!

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  • Well-insulated walls and windows give you the freedom to decorate with your favorite custom treatments

energy efficient windowsIt’s no secret that new homes are made with better insulation and greater attention to energy efficiency. While these details have the obvious advantage of lower energy bills (who doesn’t love that?), there’s a hidden benefit, too…

You get the freedom to decorate!

If you’re not having to worry about using window treatments to help insulate your home, you have the freedom to decorate to your heart’s content.

  • You can incorporate home technology that actually makes your life easier

Motorized window treatments are perhaps the most simple, functional, and popular type of home technology. The good news: designing your own home makes it much easier and more affordable to install them.

Work with your window treatment professional to plan where your motorized treatments will go. Then, your builder can add the appropriate electrical wiring to make it a reality. (Read here about the benefits of motorized window treatments.)

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  • Template floor plans in new home communities can challenge & restrict you

Some builders, especially in new development communities, will restrict your home to a template floor plan. If this is the case, you run into the problem of having a house that can look and feel just like everyone else’s.

To make your home feel like your own, consider elevating your interior décor with custom pieces and treatments that speak to your unique style and personality.

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  • The landscape can take years to maximize natural privacy

Older homes and neighborhoods have trees and foliage intended to maximize privacy and natural shade. While the landscaping of brand new homes certainly attempts the same, it takes trees and foliage a few years to grow to their potential.

In the meantime, owners of new houses will want window treatments that compensate for these deficiencies. While this can restrict your design choices somewhat, it’s worth it. Having the right window treatments is important for feeling safe and comfortable in your own home.

Here are some great window treatments for maximizing privacy.

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  • The wait for your new home can be… long

Waiting for your home to be move-in ready can be a long and stressful wait. One of the best ways to pass the time is to start thinking about the interior design. If you didn’t bring your window treatment professional or interior designer into the conversation during the planning phase, now’s the time.

In addition to distracting you from the wait, once your builder gives you the green light, you’ll be ready to make the house your home.

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Whether your home is already built, in progress, or in the planning stage, book a complimentary consultation with us to help bring your design dreams to life!

On the lookout for a new or pre-loved home in Dallas / Fort Worth? Sandy Luedke of Ideal Real Estate Group can help! You can reach her at (214) 476-1423. She has a great reputation for helping clients find their perfect homes.

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