The Ultimate Guide to Farmhouse Christmas Decor

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As we begin to think about decorating for the holidays, I want to focus on one of my all-time favorites: modern farmhouse Christmas decor.

It’s rare for a trend to resonate so strongly that it becomes an instant classic, but I think it’s safe to say modern farmhouse style has made a lasting impact. Who isn’t mad for its simple lines, inviting comfort and organic elements?

Even if you’re like me and don’t live in a farmhouse, I urge you to consider using this design aesthetic as inspiration when decorating for the holidays. Modern farmhouse Christmas decor delivers all the warm, fuzzy holiday feelings most of us crave this time of year.

I’ve found that I, along with many of my clients, prefer a nostalgic, cozy home that feels authentic at Christmastime. These feelings are at the core of modern farmhouse Christmas decor, which looks great paired with any interior design style, be it modern, contemporary or traditional.

Here are the techniques I use to bring quaint, cozy farmhouse Christmas decor to my home for the holidays.

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#1 Create a foundation using greenery

The first step to farmhouse Christmas decor is easy: Drape garlands on everything. After putting them in all of the obvious places — doors, windows, tables, over the hearth and along banisters — look for unexpected places and hang more greenery there.

I think most people don’t bother to take it to this next level, but this is where you start to really create that cozy Christmas feeling. Think about draping greenery on mirrors, framed art, light fixtures, headboards, cabinet doors or bookshelves.

Don’t limit your decorating to just main living areas. Add a touch of green to even the private spaces in your home. Laundry rooms, guests baths and bedrooms are lovely places to sprinkle a bit of holiday cheer.

After this is done, head outdoors and see where you can add more garlands to the exterior of your home. Decorating your front or back porch, light post or mailbox creates a cheery vibe. And don’t neglect to adorn outbuildings such as guesthouses, sheds, barns or standalone garages.

This is starting to add up to a lot of green — both kinds. Cut costs by gathering cuttings from trees or shrubs in your yard. Bare branches and even herbs can be twisted into beautiful arrangements. Artificial garlands look just as lovely as the real thing. I like to buy a few each year and grow my collection slowly so I can layer greenery throughout my home without taking a chunk from my wallet.

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Photo courtesy Cameron Ruppert Interiors

#2 Add interest to your farmhouse Christmas decor with vintage items

One of the hallmarks of farmhouse Christmas decor is pieces that are distressed or have the patina of age. Ideally, these things should look as if they came from your grandmother’s attic. Extra points if they actually did.

Throughout the year, if you come across collectibles or antiques that you feel could be described as well-loved, rough-hewn or primitive, then you’ve got farmhouse Christmas decor on your hands. Keep an eye out for it, and you’ll be surprised how quickly your collection grows.

Vintage finds such as earthenware crocks and old crates make good places to stash more greenery. Wooden ladders are excellent for displaying Christmas cards or a homemade advent calendar. Primitive tables, chairs and stools are perfect resting spots for overflow gifts or cookies for Santa.

Farmhouse Christmas decor really isn’t complete without vintage toys. Pull out a beloved old toy car or truck and give it a place of honor on the fireplace mantle. In my house, it’s a toy train encircling the Christmas tree. This is your chance to bring in treasured, time-worn heirlooms that mean something to your family and create that authenticity that is at the root of farmhouse Christmas decor.

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Photo courtesy Tobi Fairley

#3 Top off your farmhouse Christmas decor with a healthy dose of red, green, plaid and checks

You have two choices with this one. The first option is for those of you who really love decorating for Christmas and wouldn’t mind having a cozy, Christmas-y house year-round.

If this sounds like you, consider incorporating red and green in your full-time, always-on interior design. Red-tone rugs, a crimson couch or luxe green velvet drapes will feel elegant all year long and, at Christmas, boost the festive feeling in your home by a magnitude of about ten.

For something a little less on the nose, opt for plaids and checks in any color. These homespun classics add festive energy to any decor, even if they’re in black and white, beige and white, or a mixture of colors.

Even choosing certain fabrics over others can up the joy quotient. Tactile fabrics like velvet, wool, boucle and chenille fit right in with farmhouse Christmas decor.

Option two is for those who prefer to put away their Christmas decor when the season is done. I’m a big believer in bringing out pillows, throws and even seasonal drapes and shades that I use just at Christmas. Tartan plaid or red-check window coverings add a big splash of holiday color with relative ease. It’s also a great excuse to give your full-time window coverings a break for cleaning.

And just like with the greenery, don’t be shy about spreading holiday colors and patterns throughout your home. Swap your usual sheets with a plaid flannel version, or lay a fuzzy green throw at the foot of your bed. That’ll make for a cozy Christmas morning.

I trust I’ve convinced you that farmhouse Christmas decor is the best inspiration when it comes to holiday decorating in any type of space. If you want help with your home for the holidays, contact us and we’ll bring our showroom to you.

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