How to Best Use Curtains to Make Your Rooms Look Larger

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Clients often ask us how to best use curtains to make your rooms look larger.  There are design tricks you can use to make the rooms in your home look more spacious, and more expensive. Some of these tips involve using paint, molding, and furnishings. But don’t forget that windows also have a lot to do with the aesthetics of a home. And using these 3 tricks will go a long way in enhancing your space.

Tip #1: Rod Placement Really Does Matter

How to best use curtains to make your rooms look larger

Install your drapery rod closer to your ceiling to make your rooms look taller.  Draperies should sit a minimum of 4-6 inches above the window frame.  If you have high ceilings, we like to install the rod 2/3 the distance between the top of the window and the ceiling.

Tip #2: Bracket Location Makes a Big Difference

How to Best Use Curtains to Make Your Rooms Look Larger

Brackets placed about four to six inches from the side of the window frame allows you to open your draperies completely without blocking light and visually widen the window.

Tip #3: Curtain & Drapery Length Play a Large Role

How to Best Use Curtains to Make Your Rooms Look Larger

Some people opt for curtains or drapes to break at the floor, with fabric extending past the ground.  This is usually achieved with just an extra two or three inches of material, though sometimes – especially in more formal or traditional rooms – drapes will extend six inches past the floor so that the fabric puddles on the ground.  This style is best done with thick, high-quality fabric so the pool can easily stay in place.  Though this style can look great in some rooms, it’s important to remember that drapes or curtains that break on the floor require more maintenance.  They will collect dust and pet hair much more quickly, so they’ll need to be cleaned more often.

Draperies should not be awkwardly short.  Curtains and draperies that are too short won’t have as much physical and visual weight to them, which minimizes your space.  

We feel that the best length is for them to hang about ½” above the floor to avoid added friction when opening and closing.  Remember also that some fabrics can stretch a bit over time.  Finally, this placement makes your window treatments look custom, elevating your home.

Draperies can completely change the feel of your space.  Taking into account the correct height, length, and bracket placements for your window treatments is a big part of this.  Draperies are also an investment in your home.  Don’t overlook these essential tips, and your investment in your home will go a long way toward making your home effortlessly elegant.

If you’re ready for a professional to manage all the details and bring your dream space to life, let’s talk! We’d be delighted to help.

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