5 Great Qualities of Regret-Free Window Treatments

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What are some great qualities of regret-free window treatments?  Imagine purchasing beautiful shades for your home, one of which is in the kitchen above your kitchen sink, and then finding that your darling husband has splashed chili all over it! Well, that happened. We have seen mishaps involving kids and dogs, and we know quality window treatments when we see them. So here we will discuss five qualities when choosing your window treatments.

1. Precision is a Prerequisite

Great Qualities of Regret-Free Window Treatments

Homeowners can choose between store-bought “readymade” or custom window treatments.  While store-bought stock blinds are affordable, they generally come in limited design styles and lack the helpful features that custom window treatments provide.

For these reasons, investing in a custom window treatment is far better than buying them off the shelf.  Custom window treatments let homeowners choose the fabric, dimension, material, style, and functions to ensure they complement your space.

2. Durability is Indispensable

With continued daily use, the quality of the material matters. With designer window treatments, you’ll get a much higher quality assortment of materials. Whether it’s linen curtains or window coverings made of woven wood, you can add richness and texture to the room with high-end treatments. Even the standard vinyl blinds are made of a better quality when they’re designer or custom. Not only will these window treatments look better, but they will also give you better privacy and light control. The more durable the material, the longer your window treatments will last, too. Choose a material that is easy to keep clean to help make maintenance a breeze.

3. Functionality is Fundamental

Great Qualities of Regret-Free Window Treatments

Getting so caught up in decorating the home is easy that you must remember to think about functionality. How a window functions in your home should be the primary factor in what type of window coverings to buy. Things to consider when making this decision include the following:

Do you need window treatments to protect from sun and heat? If so, choose solar roller shades or honeycomb shades for the insulating properties.

Does your home have a zero-lot line? Choose layered window treatments so you can maintain some light during the day and maintain privacy when needed.

Do you want to sleep late in the morning? If so, then choose blackout shades or curtains.

Do you hope your curtains will enhance your décor without blocking the outdoor view? Perhaps choose some sheer curtains.

4. Beauty is a Basic Necessity

When decorating a home, most people focus on furnishings and wall color, as these are some of the most straightforward changes you can make. But if that means you’re letting window treatments become an afterthought or leaving ugly window treatments in your home, your design will fail. Think about it: The fabric you choose for your drapery is the one décor feature that influences the inside and outside of your home. And it’s not just an aesthetic upgrade. When you choose window treatments based on your home’s design style, you achieve a sense of comfort, and your home will be happy! We are here to help you choose custom options that perfectly fit your home’s style and needs!

5. Safety is Most Significant

Great Qualities of Regret-Free Window Treatments

Window treatments with exposed or dangling cords can be hazardous to children.  All of our window treatments are available in cordless options.  An additional consideration when purchasing window treatments is if occupants will be aging in place.  We offer all our window treatments with motorized options to avoid reaching too high.

While we cannot prevent your hubby from getting too sloppy with his chili, we do know the great qualities of regret-free window treatments.

If you’re ready to start designing treatments that will elevate your home and lifestyle, let’s chat!

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