Draperies and Curtains: Six Reasons to Love Them

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We love draperies and curtains!  They cover up your windows, give you some privacy, and they are pretty too.  But did you know the other reasons to love them?  Here are six reasons to love draperies and curtains:

1.  Beauty

Curtains and draperies are a central part of your home decor.  Regardless of your style, you will be able to find curtains and draperies to fit your decorating needs.  They will fit any window and add immediate beauty to your rooms.  You can choose them to blend in with your decor or to stand out like a piece of art.  And not only will they beautify and enhance the interior of your home, they can also add to the outdoor curb appeal.

2.  Available Options

Curtains and draperies offer more options than many other window coverings.  You can use them to make your room look larger.  You can vary the length or add a valance.  You can choose among a myriad of hardware options, in different styles and materials.

Curtains and draperies can change the feel of any room from casual to formal, from spacious to cozy.

Linings can be used to black out light, improve acoustics, or even offer added insulation. They can be motorized for easy closing and opening.

Drapery panels and Hobbled Roman Shades

3.  Privacy and Security

It goes without saying that you do not want all your neighbors seeing what is happening in your home.  And you really don’t want to see in theirs either.  So close the drapes and make sure what happens in the house, stays in the house.

You can also increase home security by blocking the view of the inside of your home from the street.  And the great thing about draperies and curtains, is that if you want to watch the kids play, you can simply open them up.

An added benefit is also that draperies and curtains reduce exterior noise.  You can decrease the sound of cars passing by, or even your neighbors fighting, with the help of draperies.

4.  Light Control

If you want your bedroom to be dark and cozy, draperies can accomplish that goal.  If someone naps or is a day-sleeper, you can easily darken a light room.  If you love a bright kitchen, you can open your curtains to let more sunlight in.  And if the glare is hitting your television just right, simply close your curtains or drapes to remedy that situation.  With draperies and curtains, you are in control of the lighting in each room.

5.  UV Protection

We all know the effects that the sun’s rays can have on our skin, but did you know it can also be harmful to your home interior?  UV Rays can damage your hardwood floors, deteriorate your artwork, and fade your furniture.  Though you cannot apply sunscreen to your sofa, you can close  your draperies or curtains to minimize the effects of UV damage to your belongings.

6.  Versatility

This reason says it all!  Draperies and curtains offer so many more options than any other type of window treatment.  In addition to textures and color, you can choose from many styles to meet your home decor needs.   Pair them with Roman Shades, roller shades, blinds, woven wood shades and various top treatments to soften or change your look. You can purchase draperies for extra UV protection or purchase accessories such as pillows in the same fabric.

Draperies and curtains are versatile enough for any home decor style.  They offer protection, security, privacy, and will save you money.  Besides that, they are beautiful!  If you are thinking of adding new draperies or curtains, contact us today to schedule a free in-home consultation.

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