Design: 5 Ways to Build a Calm Haven

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After being out all day, wouldn’t it be nice to come home and breathe a deep sigh of relief?  If you come home to a space that is crammed with too much stuff, where you can hear noisy neighbors and cars honking, and see light from the street lamps shining into your windows at night , finding the peace and quiet you crave can prove difficult.  These 5 design ideas will help you reclaim your home as a space in which to recharge.

1.  Design with a serene color palette.

It can be a relief to come home to a space that is calm and serene.  Color in your design can go a long way toward creating a serene environment.  For example, think of silvery grays, blues, natural wood tones and white.  Pale lilac, soft sage green or warm pink can also be soothing:  go with the colors that make you feel relaxed.

2.  The right window coverings.

In the kitchen and living areas, where privacy is not as much of a concern, consider designing with  Sheer Shades.  Not only are they ultimate in elegance and luxury, but sheer shades are a seamless blend of light control and style. Imagine two layers of sheer fabrics to protect your room from the sun’s damaging UV rays, combined with soft fabric vanes for the ultimate light control. In fact, sheer shades are made for the most demanding of styles, giving your windows a clean, crisp appearance with stunning sophistication.

Deisgn with Sheer Shades

If you have trouble sleeping with light from street lamps slipping into your room all night then full-length drapes or shades with a blackout liner are essential in bedrooms,.  If your neighbors are very close, you may also want to cover any large windows with full-length sheer curtains that can be drawn during the day.Deisgn with Drapes

3.  Soundproofing

Investing in a few soundproofing measures can be well worth the cost and effort. If you live in a very noisy neighborhood then take a cue from nice hotels, which do a fabulous job of soundproofing, and add fabric-covered acoustic tiles to the walls or ceiling, and choose double-or triple-pane windows to block street noise.  In addition, layers of textiles, like thick, fluffy rugs on the floors and heavy drapes, can also help buffer sound.

Deisgn with RugsFor an alternative to acoustic wall tiles, try using a book collection as soundproofing material.  The more, the better, so go ahead and fill an entire wall with books.

4.  Natural textures.

Daily life tends to involve lots of artificial materials, slick plastics and high-tech metals.  Incorporating a wide range of natural materials and textures into your space will help you revive once you’re home.  Try wool, sisal or cotton rugs; nubby linen; stacks of logs; polished wooden tables; beeswax candles; natural woven shades; and collections of shells and stones.

Design with Woven Shades5.  A secret garden.

Whether you have a back garden, small terrace, or balcony, do what you can to enhance privacy in your outdoor space.  Build an enclosed seating area with a trellis or fencing, or surround your seating area with tall foliage, or place a small fountain outdoors to help mask noise from the neighbors, and add proper lighting for ambience at night.

Choose exterior patio shades for privacy and sun protection.  Exterior patio shades block the sun’s harsh rays while maintaining your view and privacy.  As a result, they are perfect for south, east, and west facing areas that get a lot of sun.  They make it easier to entertain your guests. Motorized shades are a great solution for picture windows. With our track and cable guide systems your shades will not fly away!

design with patio shaedes

Design your outdoor space with artwork, faux iron grilles, vases of flowers or potted plants, colorful candles or lanterns, and interesting furniture, or paint an exterior wall or fence a bold color and prop up a mirror to make the space seem bigger.  Thus, even a small outdoor space can be a refreshing, nourishing hideaway.

design with Faux Iron Grilles

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