6 Nature-Inspired Gray Room Ideas to Try Right Now

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As I pop into clients’ homes across Denton and the surrounding area, the thing I encounter most often is the color gray.

These days, new or renovated homes are often finished out in 100 percent gray. It shows up in the form of gray paint, gray cabinetry, gray and white tile and countertops, and even gray-tone wood flooring. It’s very modern and quite pretty, in my opinion.

Where I often come into the picture is just after my clients’ movers have left, and it’s time to begin personalizing their space. This is when many clients express uncertainty about how to decorate a gray room.

They ask questions like: What color pairs well with gray? Should I stick with neutrals that match gray? How do I keep gray from feeling too cold and sterile?

Gray reminds me of cloudy days, so I advise looking to nature for gray color scheme inspiration. Gray and red feel like an overcast fall day. Gray and pink beckon like cherry blossoms in the springtime. And green is so grounded in nature that it complements everything, especially gray.

If you want gray room ideas that bring warmth and personality to your home, you can’t go wrong with these six nature-inspired colors.

gray and teal color palette

Photo by Benjamin Moore

#1 Gray and Teal Rooms
Teal and gray rooms remind me of tropical seas and ocean vistas. This is probably why teal and gray rooms work so well together. Nature is always the greatest source of inspiration.

I feel like teal and gray rooms are bright and fun, but some of my clients are nervous about using teal in their homes. If you’re unsure of teal, just remember that it is only a mixture of blue and green. Those colors aren’t scary, right? Just dial up the blue or green until you find the right shade for you.

gray and blue color palette

#2 Gray and Navy Blue Rooms
This super-masculine combination is a stunner in any room. I love covering windows in gray and blue plaid and check fabrics; it really plays-up the strength of this color combination. It may seem to some a little militaristic, but I think that’s what makes it an enduring classic.

When using gray and navy blue in a room, create some tension between masuline and feminine by choosing case goods with tapers and curves, selecting sumptuous fabrics in velvet or silk, and padding floors and chairs with fluffy fur rugs and throws.

gray and red color palette

#3 Gray and Red Rooms
You can enliven any room with powerful, passionate red, all shades of which play nicely with gray. I often advise clients to pair these two strong colors with bold prints or checks, which keep things lighter and more approachable.

The red and gray color combination works well in places where you want to feel or project energy and vitality — think kitchens, offices, playrooms or foyers. If you’re a person who hates getting up in the mornings, a gray and red bedroom may be the motivator you need to stop hitting the snooze button and start the day. Well, it’s at least worth a try.

gray and yellow color palette

Photo by Farrow and Ball

#4 Gray and Yellow Rooms
As the color of optimism, yellow is an ideal partner for dismal gray. Imagine the yellow in the room above is the sun, peeking through heavy storm clouds. It’s an unexpected yet nature-inspired mix that I think is unbelievably chic together.

If you decide to try this combination in your own home, here’s a tip from New York-based designer Steven Gambrel: “Yellow is a color that’s easier to use as a textile than a paint.” I couldn’t agree more. Instead of yellow walls, bring in this hue with luxe drapes or Roman shades. Contact me and I’ll bring some swatches right to your door.

gray and pink color palette

#5 Gray and Pink Rooms
Who says you can’t look at things through rose-colored glasses? Not me, especially if we’re talking about gorgeous gray and pink rooms.

Pink is perfectly at home in family rooms, foyers, dining rooms — actually anywhere, really. If bold magenta and bubble gum don’t feel quite right, tone things down by choosing muted pinks and pairing them with gray. Or, place one or two pink statement items in a room for a big impact with little commitment.

brown and gray color palette

#6 Gray and Brown Rooms
I love how brown adds warmth to gray without raising the energy level in a room. If you love calming neutrals, a brown and gray room may offer the sophistication you’re craving.

Brown and gray are also a great option if you have existing wood tones in your home, for example flooring, woodwork or exposed brick. With fixed elements like these already in brown, you’re halfway done designing before you start. Just mix in gray and brown-toned pieces in varying patterns or textures and you’re good to go.

This is just a small sampling of gray room ideas. If there is anything we can do to help you find beautiful options for decorating your gray room, contact us and we’ll bring our showroom to you.

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