5 Best Tips for Getting Your Home Texas-Summer Ready

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If you’re new to Dallas/Fort Worth, you might be wondering what summer is like here. We can tell you…


It’s hot, Hot, HOT!

Don’t worry, though — high temps never keep us Texans from enjoying all the best summer has to offer: a good old fashioned BBQ, lemonade and sweet tea on the porch, and quality time with family and friends. Want to know the secret to beating the heat (and the no-see-ums)?


Whether you just moved to town or are a seasoned pro at Texas weather, these quick tips will ensure your home is ready for you to live summer to its fullest.

Keep in mind… once we’re into the heart of summe

r, the idea of doing any kind of manual labor will have you sweating before you start. The best time to get these mini-projects done is NOW!


  1. Put those gorgeous window treatments to work

This tip is first because it is the easiest and lowest cost investment for keeping your home cool throughout the summer.

Yes, your window treatments are a huge contribut

or to the style of your space, but you don’t have to compromise on functionality! You can always find treatments that have the style and insulation you need.

Some great choices:

  1. Give allergens the boot

I don’t know a lot of people who love to clean, but a good deep spring clean is exactly what the doctor ordered… literally. Allergens collect and breed in your home, especially in places of low airflow, and they are terrible for your health!

Step 1: Declutter your space. Dust clings wherever there is the greatest amount of immobile surfaces. If you have unused items cramped into corners or on shelves, consider packing them away or donating them.

Step 2: Give everything remaining a thorough clean. Several dust-collecting culprits include soft window treatments, furniture, the space under your bed, and any low airflow areas, such as bathrooms.

Another sneaky allergen hideout: ceiling fans. Fans are one of the easiest surfaces to forget to clean because they are so high up… but if you don’t give them a routine dusting, every time you turn them on, you’ll be throwing allergens around your home!

  1. Change your ceiling fan’s airflow direction & give your A/C unit a checkup

Since we’re on the topic of fans, the temperature of the air inside your home is another big part of keeping cool in the summer…

Step 1: Set your ceiling fans to run in the counterclockwise (or “forward”) direction. This will push warm air downward where it can cool faster.

Step 2: Replace A/C filters and check on the health of your A/C unit. Give it a quick run to make sure it’s working properly and isn’t making any sounds of struggle. The last thing you want is to have to call a repairman out in the heart of summer… especially if you have to wait a few days for them to be available!

  1. Block harsh UV rays from destroying your furniture and wooden floors

You may not notice on a day-to-day basis, but sun exposure wreaks long-term havoc on your furniture and hardwood floors. It dulls colors, bleaches hardwood, and even weakens the materials.

To avoid this, make sure you have window treatments that block the sun’s UV rays and keep them closed during the hottest parts of the day. The top insulating treatments mentioned in #1 above are all great choices.

If you’re home during the day and don’t want your view blocked, outdoor solar shades are another great option.

  1. Keep bugs where they belong… outside!

I am constantly amazed that something so small can wreck so much havoc! There’s nothing worse than trying to sleep with the sound of buzzing around your face… or the smell of repellant in your hair (been there!).

Luckily, this scenario is avoidable…

Install mesh screens on your windows and doors, check all windows and doors for gaps where critters can sneak through, and recaulk or add stripping as needed. Your efforts will be rewarded with a good night’s sleep!


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