2018 Home Style Series: The Top Window Treatments & Design Tips for Achieving a Modern Look

2018 Design Trends, Window Treatments

The Top Window Treatments & Design Tips for Achieving a Modern Look

Modern-inspired design made a big appearance in Dallas/Fort Worth homes throughout 2017, and it has no plans to disappear in 2018. Of course, window treatments play a large role in creating any style, so we’ve truly seen it all!

We’re using this segment of our 2018 Home Style Series to share some of our favorite modern and mixed-modern spaces. We hope they inspire you!

First, modern design is typically known by these elements:

  • Clean, straight lines
  • Geometric shapes
  • Exposed furniture frames made from chrome, stainless steel, or wood
  • Minimalist approach to arranging a space
  • Bold, sparingly-used colors
  • An accent wall

Modern pieces can help give your space a vibe of order and cleanliness. However, an all-modern styled room can feel a little cold, which is why it’s rare that a space is restricted to this one style alone.

Oftentimes, the best way to get a space that is uniquely you is to combine a couple genres that appeal to you. Mixing rustic or organic pieces with modern ones, for example, can give you the best of both worlds: crisp and clean design and a feeling of livable comfort and warmth.

Read on for more inspiration!

Layered shades can make a modern statement or play a supporting role

An accent wall is the focal point of this modern room, where layered shades and a built-in bookcase become statement pieces that add visual width and height. The roundness of the chair, lamp, and arched glass tables help keep the room inviting.

Quick note: You can use glass tables to have the extra effect of making the room seem more open!

This space is the perfect example of modern-influenced farmhouse chic. The clean lines of the open beam ceiling, French doors, and geometric light fixture create a clean, modern feel. The addition of the charming bureau, flowers, and wood-framed mirror add a chic, rustic twist.

In this type of setting, you don’t want the window treatments to speak too loudly. Here, the window’s layered shades are the perfect accent. They’re clean, crisp, and blend in perfectly with the home’s architecture and airiness.

Cellular shades give you the freedom to create modern lines and silhouettes

Drastically different from the first two rooms, this one is a designer’s haven. The mix of straight and curved lines in the iconic Barcelona chair and chaise lounge set the stage. The backdrop of the painting and cellular shades create the perfect contrast between horizontal lines and the circular elements.

Cellular shades are perfect in this space because the fabric stacks tightly, is movable to any height, and doesn’t have any distracting cords. (Bonus: It’s also your most energy efficient window treatment!)

Sheer shades keep spaces open and don’t distract from the interior design

This beautiful sitting room has touches of modern appeal: the accent wall, exposed wood, and abstract art are definitely a nod to the genre. The way the brown wood warms the space is also a perfect example of how you can use natural forms to add a dash of liveliness.

We absolutely love sheer shades here in particular because they are lightweight and invite openness. They create privacy but don’t distract from the beauty of the room!

Another touch of modern can be seen in the mix of lines and curves, sparse furniture, bold accent wall, and the contrast of materials in these cleverly arranged center tables. Sheer shades keep this room open, light, and add a sense of depth. (By contrast, heavy drapery in this space would make it feel very closed in.)

Solar shades add a touch of organic elegance to modern design

This room has a more natural feel than any of the others here, but modernist influence can be found in the few pops of color and lined area rug. The chairs are a welcome Scandinavian touch. Their thin and open frames keep the room feeling light and approachable.

Solar shades work very well in this space, not only because they reflect the room’s mood but also because they add an organic texture.

Modern meets the outdoors! The exposed metal table frames and the geometric, honeycomb pattern of the area rug are beautiful pieces of modern design. The pops of green color take this room a step further, inviting in the outdoors and a sense of freshness. Like the last space, the organic-like texture of the shades make them a perfect addition to the feel of the room: natural, crisp, and clean.

Window blinds create modern lines and elongate spaces

Here’s another interesting take on modern style and minimalism. The horizontal lines of the aluminum blinds contrast the vertical nature of most of the other pieces in the room – the tub, the towel rack, even the light fixtures and plant. This gives the room a sense of being larger, in all directions!

For rooms with low ceilings especially, this kind of treatment can change the feel of your space entirely.

The colors in this room stray from typical modern, but modern influences are present in the chair, table, sofa, lamps, and endless geometric pieces. This room is a good example of how you can soften a modern look to make it more feminine and personal. The faux wood blinds are simply a worthy sidekick in this scenario, maintaining an overall pristine feel.

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