11 Ways Decorative Grilles Complete Your Interior Design

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You’ve covered the windows, perfectly coordinated the throw pillows with the furniture and adjusted the floor plan so the flow is just right. Why does the design of your home still not have that “done” feeling?

Maybe the styles of your interior and exterior don’t match. Perhaps you need an attention-grabbing decorative element. Or it might be that the décor style you’ve chosen isn’t coming across loud and clear. All these problems and more can be solved with decorative grilles.

First, maybe I should take a moment and explain what decorative grilles are.

Decorative grilles are custom-made, openwork architectural forms made of wood and wood composite, and available in a rainbow of stock finishes and custom hues. Because they’re made to order, they truly are handmade works of art.

They’re not just for window design, either; they’re also perfect for adorning transoms, walls, ceilings and anything else your imagination can dream up. Grille designs run the gamut from classic, contemporary and traditional to modern, industrial and organic.

I love them because they pull together your décor in a way other types of furnishings just can’t. It’s amazing — a well-chosen decorative grille makes a room look like an interior designer was there. Let me show you just what these beauties can do.


11 Show-stopping Ways to Spruce Your Space Using Decorative Grilles:


Mix patterns. Create a richer design scheme by adding or mixing patterns in a different texture.


Separate rooms. Subtly break up large living spaces or carve out a cozy nook.


Emphasize architecture. Highlight a unique window or doorway — this works on exteriors as well as interiors.


Boost interest. Dress up a boring cased entryway.


Look up. Add drama to your ceiling, whether it’s high, low, coffered or vaulted.


Go 3D. Create custom, tactile works of art that perfectly complement your room.


Layer up. Boost the energy of a room by repeating the design of existing décor.


Add character. Gain Old World detailing with a grille that has a patina or even rust.


Pretend it’s wallpaper. Cover a whole wall with a glamorous custom grille.


Act natural. Fool the eye by using nature motifs on windows or pass-throughs.


Initial it. Monogram your home with a name, initials or family insignia for a personal touch.



My Tips for Choosing Decorative Grilles


The potential design schemes for decorative grilles are only limited by your imagination, so have fun. Here are some guidelines I keep in mind when selecting the perfect grilles for a space.


• Complement the design of other elements in the room, such as light fixtures or art


• Ensure motifs match your décor or architecture style, such as mid-century modern, romantic or Mediterranean


• Use repetition to create a lux-looking focal point


• Group grilles in sets of three as this is most pleasing to the eye


I hope I’ve convinced you to consider decorative grilles as a way to enhance your home. If you’re curious about the dazzling effects you can achieve with custom grille design, contact us here and we’ll bring our showroom to you.


See you next time,


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