5 Ideas For Your Living Room Window Treatments

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What are the best window treatments in living rooms and why?  The living room is perfect for entertaining, spending time with loved ones, or relaxing. Because the living room is what your guests see first, be intentional with the design of this room. When redecorating your living room space, it is also time to consider the perfect window treatments for the room. 

Window treatments in the living room are essential to helping to pull the room together. The right window treatments can make your living room feel comfortable and offer the relaxation and serenity you desire. Although window treatments may not be top-of-mind in design, they should be. Window treatments are the perfect way to dress up your space and add additional functionality to the room. Made in the Shade is Denton County’s go-to resource for help in designing window treatments for your living room or any room.

This article will look at 5 of the best window treatments from mid-century modern homes to very traditional and everything in between. And, we’ll cover (pun intended) the advantages of each option and other features to consider when choosing your window treatments.

Benefits of Adding Window Treatments in Living Rooms

If you want inspiration to spruce up your living room windows, Made in the Shade has some great products and ideas for you to consider. Creating a tranquil space in your home is more than just painting and adding furniture. Suitable window treatments in living rooms combine practicality and aesthetics that are crucial in one of the most used rooms in your home.

Adding window treatments in living rooms have several benefits. Please remember when you think about window treatment ideas for your living room, you will find that Made in the Shade offers many fashionable and functional solutions. Save these tips when ready to redesign your living room windows. And we should know a thing or two about window treatments since we have been honored with winning Best of Denton County 5 years in a row.

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Made in the Shade offers stylish window treatments that add much-needed privacy to the space you and your family deserve. If you are on a busy street, live nearby neighbors, or want to keep your room private, this is a huge factor to consider when choosing the window treatments that are right for you. Take advantage of our top-down – bottom-up feature for cellular and soft Roman shades, providing privacy and light control functionality.


Windows come in many shapes and sizes. Living room windows are no exception. So if your windows are tall, wide, or have an unusual shape, we have you covered. 


In case of safety concerns, specific window treatments can also make the room more secure for you and your family. Because of this concern, Made in the Shade offers child-safe window treatments that are ideal for a living room, allowing you to feel more at ease when little ones or pets are around. 


Made in the Shade offers environmentally friendly window treatments for your living room that are also energy efficient. Window treatments like this can significantly save money on energy-related bills.


Most importantly, when we think of window treatments, light is usually the factor we consider most. Do you want to block sunlight? Save floors and furniture from fading? Control the temperature of the room better? Window treatments can be an efficient way to control the amount of light coming into your living room. 

Adding the right window treatments can make the room feel more comfortable and inviting and welcome many of the benefits listed above. They are the “cherry on top” when decorating your living room space. With these benefits in mind, Made in the Shade has many window treatment ideas for your living room to help get you started! 


Living Room Window Treatment Ideas

1.  Cellular Shades

These shades are ideal for your living room. Firstly, they add a layer of insulation that will help you stay comfortable during the warm and colder seasons. Secondly, cellular shades will also reduce the energy you use in your home. Finally, they come in many fabrics and various color choices. With styles from classic to modern, there are cellular shades to help enhance your design style and level up your living room decor. My client in Lantana was utterly thrilled on install day with this lovely Tri-Light Cellular Shade. She loved that this shade is two shades in one. So she has a blackout shade for privacy and light control when she wants it, and the sheer shade provides light filtering when she wants light. We both loved that it beautifully hides the house’s not-so-pretty view next door while letting in tons of natural light. It’s a win, win, win.

2.  Soft Roman Shades

These timeless shades add warmth and a sophisticated look to any living room. These shades can be made from linen fabric and filter or block light throughout the room. So choose a classic style and material to match your living room design. Plus, many cordless designs give these shades a clean, sleek look from front to back. The color and pattern options are endless with the Made in the Shade selection, so you can feel confident that there are Soft Roman shades that will complement your living room. 

3.  Blinds 

And here is another great window treatment idea for your living room, stick with the tried and true solution of adding custom blinds. Of course, blinds are always a strong choice when it comes to choosing the window treatment that is right for you. Blinds are very versatile and energy-efficient. They keep energy costs down and allow you to filter as much or as little natural light as you want. They can add an edgy modern look or a more traditional look and provide ideal style and comfort. If you wish to upgrade your window treatments, Made in the Shade has a large selection of blinds that are a perfect choice for your window treatments. This homeowner in Corinth loves that blinds allow one to see out while the window is still covered. HaHa! Ideal for checking on squirrels in the backyard without disturbing the blinds. LOL!

4.  Custom Draperies and Side Panels

Made in the Shade offers a variety of colors, fabrics, and patterns of custom drapes and curtains. You will never be disappointed with the look, feel, and quality of Made in the Shade drapes or curtains in your home. Plus, with drapes or blinds, it doesn’t matter how tall or wide your windows are or if your windows have an odd shape. We offer custom choices that allow you to create a personalized and unique look to fit your space. You can use drapes alone or pair them with blinds or shades for combined benefits. These may be one of the best window treatment ideas for your living room, as they are sure to enhance the design of your living room.

5.  Valances and Cornices

Valances and Cornices are classic window treatment solutions. These top treatments are a perfect way to hide the hardware of your existing blinds or shades. They will help to block the light around the top of your window. In addition, they also tend to draw your eyes upward, giving the illusion that the room is more spacious than it may be. Likewise, there are several color and style choices when creating custom valances and cornices, and Made in the Shade offers several designs that will allow you to match your existing style. Plus, we use the highest quality materials and resources with every window treatment we provide. Therefore, these window treatments will surely exceed all your expectations! This client in Robson Ranch, Denton, loved how her valances softened the edges of her shutters and helped to tie the colors in her room together.

Valances and Grommet drapery

Ready for New and Improved Window Treatments?

At this point, it’s obvious the living room is one of the essential rooms in the home. It’s the heart of the house and deserves to look and feel that way. Giving the windows in this room stylish and functional window treatments can help make it the inviting, cozy paradise you have always desired.

Check out the entire Made in the Shade selection of window treatment ideas for your living room today!

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