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We want to share a few pro tips for cleaning every type of window treatment.  How often you clean your window treatments depends on their material and how quickly dust accumulates in your home. Regular maintenance is crucial in preventing excessive dirt accumulation and prolonging the life of your window treatments. Regular cleaning can prevent a buildup of allergens, which can trigger allergies or respiratory issues. Here are some signs to look out for: visible dust, a change in color or texture, or a musty odor. Dust and vacuum your window treatments once a week and deep clean them once a year to reduce unwanted allergens. Regular cleaning enhances their appearance and increases their longevity. Here, I will offer tips for cleaning each type of window treatment.

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Cleaning Tip #1: Maintaining Bright & Beautiful Blinds

Regular maintenance of your faux wood and aluminum blinds is a necessity. A blind-duster tool allows you to pick up lint, making it easy to keep your blinds clean.  Start by fully lowering the blinds to cover the entire window length. Close the slats when cleaning wood and faux-wood blinds. While cleaning aluminum blinds, the slats should only be tilted downward. Use a brush attachment on your vacuum and a low-suction setting to remove dust from side to side. Use soap and water for spot cleaning, then let air dry. Work from the top slat to the bottom to prevent dust from falling on areas you’ve already cleaned. Don’t use chemicals or anything harsh that can damage the blinds.

Use a soft cloth, a microfiber mitt, or a brush attachment with your vacuum to remove dust from wood blinds. Use a wood cleaner to condition your blinds or a wood soap cleaner to remove stubborn stains. Keep a microfiber towel damp, not wet, and run it across each slat to ensure maximum cleanliness, then air dry.

Cleaning Tip #2: Preserving Stainless & Sparkling Shades

Cleaning cellular and roller shades is a straightforward task that you can easily handle. Simply pull down the shade, vacuum, or dust with a feather duster. For spot-cleaning delicate cellular shades, gently blot stains with a cloth and a mild detergent solution, rinse and allow them to air dry. Fabric roller shades should only be dusted—do not clean them with water. 

For Roman shades, lift away surface-level dirt and dust by gently sweeping across the fabric with the soft brush attachment of your vacuum, supporting the fabric from the back. Depending on the fabric content of your Roman shades, you may be able to spot clean with soap and water and a soft cloth, then air dry.

Cleaning Tip #3: Rejuvenating Shiny & Spotless Shutters

Another pro tip for cleaning window treatments relates to cleaning plantation shutters, we recommend dusting them with a dry cloth and then spot-cleaning them with mild soap, water, and soft cloth as needed. Remove excess water immediately before air drying. You can also use the vacuum cleaner and duster. Vacuum each row of louvers to remove any dust that might have built up, carefully getting into the corners and crevices, then change to the duster to remove anything that remains. You could use an old, soft toothbrush to scrub the corners carefully if needed.

brunette home professional spot cleaning curtains with rag and gloves cleaning options for window treatments

Cleaning Tip #4: Keeping Up Charming & Comfortable Curtains

Regular vacuuming with the brush attached to your vacuum, working from the top down, is recommended for drapery. However, seeking a professional drapery cleaner for more serious cleaning is best as professional cleaners can thoroughly clean your drapery without causing damage; especially important for delicate or expensive drapery, as improper cleaning can ruin the fabric or alter its appearance. Seeking professional help will maintain the quality and appearance of your drapery, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your investment.

While every home differs, dusting off window treatments is a good practice when you wipe off surfaces or vacuum your floors. At the very least, lightly dust and gently vacuum treatments at least once a month with a deep cleaning session every quarter or at least annually.  By staying on top of this routine, you’re taking a proactive step in maintaining the cleanliness and health of your home. If you encounter any issues during cleaning, such as stubborn stains or damage, please contact us with questions or let us know if you’re looking for your ideal window treatments.

We hope these pro tips for cleaning every type of window treatment was helpful.  Ready for an overhaul of your window treatments so that their function and upkeep mesh well with your lifestyle? We’d love to hear from you…call or schedule your complimentary consultation.

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