Our 5 Favorite Energy-Efficient Window Treatments

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While windows allow sunlight, they also bring in heat and cold air, impacting comfort and energy bills.  Here are the pros and cons of 5 favorite energy-efficient window treatments.

cellular shades on window above sleek gray sofa with floor lamp plants and blue throw pillows most energy efficient window treatments

Option #1: Consistent Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are known for their unique ‘honeycomb’ cells that provide sleek style, light control, and insulating properties.  The air pockets in these cells hold in the heat, offering privacy and noise-blocking qualities.   Available in single and double-cell options, our Light Filtering Cellular Shades provide insulation and help create comfortable temperatures.  They also come with side tracks and blackout options to eliminate light while sleeping or for media rooms.    Another standout feature of cellular shades is the top-down – bottom-up options, which help to maximize light while providing privacy exactly where you need it.  Unfortunately, honeycomb shades may be harder to clean than faux wood or wood blinds.    They tend to collect dust and can even be stained.    Due to their structure, cleaning can be difficult, and they may also have fewer fabric color and pattern options.

roman shades on windows in large kitchen most energy efficient window treatments

Option #2: Reliable Roman Shades

The Roman shade, a fabric or woven wood window treatment, raises in an accordion style, folding as it goes up.    It provides an elegant softness to your decor and is available in top-down – and bottom-up styles, adding a touch of sophistication to your home.    You may choose Roman shades from various fabric types, including velvets, wool, and heavy cotton, which possess light-insulating properties, filtering the sun from entering your home much like the curtains in theaters control lighting during shows.    Roman shades have endless options for children’s rooms and kitchens or living rooms with privacy and room-darkening options.    Due to the nature of the fabrics, Roman shades may last less time than other options, and fabric can wear down and be susceptible to stains.    If you seek an option that will last you for many years, there may be a better way to go.    

blinds and indoor plant with a view of the tree outside most energy efficient window treatments

Option #3: Trustworthy Traditional Blinds

Traditional blinds, with their horizontal slats for opening/closing or raising/lowering for light and temp control, are a popular choice.    The different types of blinds include Venetian, vertical, and horizontal blinds, all of which provide privacy and excellent light control.   Blinds made from materials like metal and PVC are more cost-effective than curtains and drapes.  However, it’s important to consider the maintenance aspect.  Blinds have many moving parts, from the slats to the ladder string and the cords, which can break and be difficult to fix.    They are also less effective at preventing heat loss than other window treatments, so it’s crucial to weigh these drawbacks against their benefits before making a decision.

interior shutters in room with storage cabinet and globe on top most energy efficient window treatments

Option #4: Sightly Interior Shutters

Plantation shutters are one of the top 5 energy-efficient window treatments, with their tilted wooden louvers, are a unique and versatile window treatment that can transform the look of your home, allowing you to customize your window treatment to your liking.    Unlike blinds, these shutters are fitted to the window frame and have tightly closing panels that open like doors.    They are energy efficient, elegant, and stylish, providing excellent light and temperature control.    They are available in various styles and designs, each with benefits and drawbacks.   Plantation shutters are available in natural wood, composite, and vinyl, and they can be customized to open and close in the direction of your choice, adding a personal touch to your window treatment.  Shutters are durable, making them an excellent long-term investment for your home and giving you a sense of security in your purchase.   

heavy curtains hanging in bedroom with chair rug dresser most energy efficient window treatments

Option #5: Dependable Drapery Panels

Both drapes and curtains are timeless window treatments available in many fabrics, usually hung from a curtain rod with rings and pins or a track for more effortless opening and closing.   Some options to choose from include various panel sizes, fabric types, sheer, light filtering, blackout, formal, casual, and more.    Lined draperies provide energy efficiency.    While one of the benefits is blocking out sunlight, a negative of drapes is the reduction in natural light.    Some drapes can be challenging to open far enough not to obstruct the window.    Custom draperies require a professional to design and install, but they can be harder to clean and may be purely decorative, offering no climate control.  The timeless appeal of drapes and curtains can bring a sense of tradition and comfort to your home.

Ready for custom window treatments that will make you fall in love with your home (AND your lower energy bill)? You may want to consider some of our 5 favorite energy-efficient window treatments for your your home.  Contact us to book your consultation.

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