Tips for a Child’s Bedroom – Timeless Decorating

A child’s bedroom is more than just a place for a kid to sleep at night.  It’s a place where they can be free to be a kid.  It can be a whimsical place yet provide structure and security.

The best bedrooms reflect a child’s personality and include their favorite things.  Here’s how to tie each of the main elements of a kid’s room into a playful space that can grow with your child.

A child’s bedroom furniture.

A child’s interest changes often, so it’s important to find fundamental pieces for a child’s bedroom that are timeless.  It’s easy to get taken in by picturesque nursery items. However the cuteness of those pieces don’t make up for their lack of longevity.

Child's Bedroom

Child’s Bedroom

Color coordination.

Color is easy to change, so you can adapt your child’s wall color as he or she grows.  When using paint to decorate your child’s room, think saturated colors, lively finishes, and bold patterns to reflect a kids’ youthful perspective and attitude.   This will be easy and inexpensive to update as they get older.

Window dressing.

The windows of the room are an excellent place to complement a theme.  First, start with a base of shades or blinds to allow for privacy and light-filtering.  Be to sure to choose cordless window treatments.  They are the safest for young children.  They also are a functional way to complement curtains.  Drapes are a great place to incorporate the theme and colors of the room.

Accessorize for play.

The furniture and accessories you choose should be appropriate for the child’s age, but not too trendy.  Accessories are a great way to introduce a trend, because they don’t cost a ton of money. Rather than investing in a trendy comforter in camouflage for example, opt for throw pillows in a camouflage fabric.