Interior design tricks to create more space

Small spaces can be functional, fun and fabulous – all that is required is a little spatial planning and some small space interior design tricks.  The interior needs to be practical, make use of every inch of space, and at the same time be aesthetically pleasing.

Here are some small space interior design tricks to create the illusion of space:

  • Color:  Use simple wall colors to brighten the space.  Lighter colors will make a room look larger and more spacious.  White ceilings for instance give a feeling of more height in a room.
  • Window treatments:  In a small space, keep away from heavy curtains if possible.  The objective is to try and let as much light in as possible.

sheer shades - small space interior design tricks


small space interior design tricksWhen using soft treatments there are many beautiful sheer fabrics available now.  We install curtains as high up as possible – this helps to give the room more height.


  • Mirrors:  Mirrors are a wonderful way to create an illusion of space.  Mirrors reflect both natural and artificial light, amplifying it throughout the room.  Regardless of how large the room or how high the ceilings, mirrors have a way of making everything seem more spacious.

small space interior design tricksOur faux iron grilles make these mirrors something really special – while creating the illusion of more space.

  • Walls and doors:  Consider faux iron decorative grilles for partitioning rooms.  Some may even be movable or sliding to open up a space, which can then be restored to an enclosed area again.

small space interior design tricksThe decorative iron grille separates the sink from the other features in the bathroom.  This is such a lovely way to make a small space look high-end and stunning.

  • Skylights:  Skylights are a small but effective way to flood small spaces with light and make the area seem larger.

small space interior design tricksThis fabulous bathroom has a custom decorative faux iron grille installed on the skylight.  It really gives this small space a WOW factor!

  • Furniture & Rugs:  Carefully placed furniture and rugs will create zones in a small space for dining, seating, etc.

small space interior design tricks

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